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Wellness Exams: This exam is tailored for our healthy pets coming in for their annual/biannual check up. Full physical exams are done and any concerns about the pet can be addressed at that time. Each pet is an individual; we tailor our vaccination protocols and other recommendations to the lifestyle of the pet. Maintaining optimum health of your pet with preventative care is our main goal.

Medical Exams: When your pet is not acting just right or you have a concern about a problem, the best option is to bring the pet in for our veterinarians to examine. Our veterinary team strives to provide an extensive physical exam with optional testing if necessary. Our full Laboratory and Radiology will allow us to provide an extensive work up and provide each patient with the treatments needed. Hospitalization will be available.

Nutritional Counseling: We offer information regarding pet nutrition. Many pets require prescription diets to maintain optimal health. We offer a line of Science Diet Prescription foods and Purina Prescription diets. We will discuss feeding schedules, amount to be fed, and patient monitoring.

Pain Management: We have several patients that require long-term pain management. If you have a pet that is not as active as it should be, they may benefit from a pain evaluation with pain medication. There are various options available from nutritional supplements to non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs. Our veterinary team will offer your pet a variety of ways to make them more comfortable in the future.

Microchipping: Animal Tracks Veterinary Service offers Microchipping as a permanent way to identify your pet. Microchips are very small and are placed into the animal with a simple needle- like injection under the skin. It is relatively painless, although it can be done during routine surgeries if owners prefer. The Microchip number is registered nationally, so if your pet gets lost anywhere in the United States they can be identified and returned to their owner. Animal Tracks Veterinary Service uses the Home Again microchipping system. To find out more ask us for more information regarding the Home Again microchip or visit

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